Psychology and Counselling Cooperative

A not-for-profit social enterprise based in Edinburgh, we are committed to offering high quality therapy.


We are a cooperative of experienced therapists offering a range of psychology and counselling sessions to people living in the Edinburgh area.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise we are committed to offering high quality therapy. 

Each therapist within our consortium cooperative dedicates a minimum 20% of their client work to offering low fee affordable therapy.  All our therapists are members of an appropriate regulatory body.

Who might benefit from seeing a therapist within our cooperative?

Our members work with people facing a wide range of life challenges or mental health distress. These include:

• Depression
• Stress / Anxiety / panic attacks
• Life transitions eg. challenges of late adolescence, middle life and retirement
• Eating disorders
• Relationship difficulties
• Living with illness and disability
• Past trauma including childhood abuse
• Problems linked to loss and bereavement
• Obsessive or compulsive symptoms
• Attachment related difficulties
• Issues linked to adoption or fostering